A fire and a fuel leak in a Moscow Park will check the Prosecutor's office

the Smoke from wells in the territory of the Park of the 850 anniversary of Moscow became an occasion to public Prosecutor’s check. Prosecutors will check execution of ecological and environmental legislation after smoke collector on Park territory. After fire extinguishing in reservoirs of the Park in the floodplain Chekinskoe installed the booms.

Collectors on the street Kapotnya belong to the “Mosvodostok”, reports RIA Novosti. From collectors after the elimination of fire is leaking oil. Moscow oil refinery area, where there was a fire and a leak of diesel fuel, do not belong.

Smoke 15 Jun jet rose from the wells Park and clouded his territory. In 20 hours 55 minutes the fire managed to be liquidated. Information on casualties there.

According to the results Prosecutor’s check in the presence of bases resolved the issue of taking measures of prosecutorial response.