A fire at an oil well in Ust-Kut districts the district were able to extinguish

a Fire at an oil well in Ust-Kut districts district of Irkutsk region was extinguished. As reported STRC “Irkutsk”, the fire on Ayan (Western) section of the bowels occurred on may 30.

Firefighters were faced with great difficulties, it started to burn so-called wellhead. To extinguish the specialists of the enterprise “Agropromstroymash” and fire brigades of the oil company. It was then decided to ask help from the military. As the General Director of “Pacific terminal” Alexey Lukyanov, the gunners defence Ministry, professionally using anti-tank gun MT-12 “rapier”, was able to knock down the Christmas tree. The specialists of “Agropromstroymash” failed to install blowout preventer equipment on a well. On behalf of the head of the Baikal region Igor Kobzev, the accident was eliminated by June 8.

Specifies that forest and human settlements threatens nothing. As a result of accident water bodies are not affected, but the experts will assess the environmental damage.

Text: STRC “Irkutsk”