A fire in a storage facility in Kazan began after an explosion in the building operator

Fire on the gas station in Kazan started after the blast in the building operator. About this media said the representative of the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

on Friday Evening, June 12, the emergency services of the region said that in the ground the gas OOO “Gazprom liquefied gas” in Kazan there was an explosion of liquefied gas, after which the on-site emergency fire started. According to the Ministry of health of the Republic, one person was killed and two were injured. They were taken to the hospital.

When the place of incident rescuers arrived, was able to establish that the explosion occurred in the building control room, then lit up inpatient capacity of finished product volume of 200 cubic meters. Operator collapsed, RIA Novosti reported. The place of the accident was established operational headquarters.

Earlier, representatives of EMERCOM of Russia reported that the scene occurs flare burning. The torch reached 50 meters in height.

According to the latest information, in the aftermath of the 199 participating personnel, involved 58 units of special and fire-rescue equipment.

In fact the incident a criminal case on violation of safety rules on explosive objects. On behalf of the Prosecutor of Tatarstan has begun check.