A former inmate of Auschwitz shared the most frightening memory

a Former prisoner of a fascist concentration camp “Auschwitz-Birkenau” (Oswiecim) Igor Malitsky talked about his worst memory: it was when he entered the “death camp” in 1944, “received” your number. This camp number, 188005, still visible on his arm. “When we were tatuirovki room, I thought they turned us into cattle,” explained a former prisoner.

Malicki was in Auschwitz when he was 17 years old. He walked four concentration camps, then became a tank commander and fought at the front. Many years after the war Malicki was back in Auschwitz. He was vacationing in the Polish town of Wisla in assistance to former prisoners of concentration camps, and then had the opportunity to go to camp. At this time, Malicki, according to him, he remembered everything. “Especially when I saw the basement, the gas chambers, remember how us boys were forced to pull out corpses,” quotes his words RIA Novosti.

to Come to Auschwitz and to tell the truth about their experiences, according to Malinova very important. He argues that fascism is defeated, but not destroyed — genocide exists today. “If not tell, then the fascists raise their heads again and impose a new war. And a new war will be even worse,” — said Malicki.

Another prisoner of the camp “Auschwitz” Maria Gerl was there when she was less than two years. She recalls that after his release, come to someone’s house where there was warmth and light, experienced “extraordinary” feeling. She, understandably, does not remember his time in Auschwitz.

Maria Hell was born in Belarus, lost his family, was a concentration camp, came after the orphanage, then in foster care. The woman found her real mother only after many years.

on January 27 at Auschwitz will mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp “Auschwitz-Birkenau”. As expected, the event will come nearly 200 former prisoners of concentration camps, as well as delegations from manytheir countries, including those led by presidents, Prime Ministers and monarchs. Russia at the ceremony will be Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev.

However, veterans of the great Patriotic war who liberated Auschwitz, at the celebrations will be. The Museum “Auschwitz-Birkenau” failed to find a single person who passed through the Auschwitz and was still alive. The Museum Director casts doubt on the fact that Auschwitz was liberated by red army soldiers.