A foundling in the entrance: the neighbors told us how he found the baby in a box near the Elevator

police are hunting a woman who on the eve in Mytishchi left in the entrance of the baby in the box. The foundling was found by neighbors. The girl is now in the hospital.

– I Have two children. I’m getting really scared, my heart still pounding.

the inhabitants of the house where the found the baby, still barely believe what happened. The first discovery found Olga. About 10:30 in the morning she went to work.

I called all the neighbors, no, I have not came out, I was scared to open it.

a few minutes later the neighbors still came out. Nuris says that the child at the time of detection was asleep, but then woke up abruptly. No notes was not in the box.

“We wanted to go to the store. See the child lying in the box. Thought it was a prank of some kind. He was moving and screaming. Called the police,” says the eyewitness Nuris of Kamchibekov.

– a bundle is, something moves. I went out, and the child in the arms of a policeman.

the Child was found on the fifth floor near the elevators. It was in a cardboard box, were wrapped in women’s shawls. The doctors say that is why he managed to avoid hypothermia.

it Turned out that it’s a girl Slavic appearance. She was not more than three days. Moscow police began checking.

“it was Reported that the entrance of one of houses along the street anniversary near the Elevator in a box discovered the baby girl. Currently, the police spend the entire event to search for the mother of the child,” said Tatyana Petrova, the head of the press service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow region.

the Girl was taken to the perinatal center Mytishchi Central hospital. She is now in no danger. She around the clock under the supervision of doctors.

“the Child is currently in a satisfactory condition. He is under the supervision of physicians, receiving the necessary care from our staff. In respect of the child met all procedural norms. Informed all necessary authorities,” said Olga the bilav hydro, Deputy chief physician at the obstetric care Mytishchi city clinical hospital.

If the mother will find she may face criminal liability at once under two articles: “Leaving in danger” and “Improper execution of duties on education”. And baby after the hospital, most likely, will pass in the house of the baby.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”