A gas explosion in a residential building: in the Mines remember the victims of that tragedy

a gas Explosion in a residential building: in the Mines today remember the victims of last year’s tragedy. It reminds GTRK “don-TR” a year ago, early in the morning at nine-on the street Habarova as a result of leak, exploded household gas.

the explosion part of the staircase collapsed, four apartments were destroyed. Five people were killed and seven injured. During the year the house was repaired, restored damaged stairs, upgraded Elevator equipment. Completely had to replace all communications — gas, water, sewer. In the flats rewired. Residents of the affected house were able to return to their homes at the end of 2019.

In fact PE initiated a criminal case. Named suspects in the untimely service of the gas equipment.

Text: STRC “don-TR”