A General history and contribution to the Victory: the President of Uzbekistan visited the celebrations in Moscow

In Tashkent emphasized that the President of Uzbekistan took part in the celebrations in honor of Victory Day in Moscow. And also the first time members of the Armed forces of the Republic became part of the parade on red square. This visit was marked by other important events. Eve was a working dinner and talks with President Vladimir Putin, and on June 24 Mirziyoev visited one of the most important for Uzbekistan in the Russian capital.

This trip to Uzbekistan to focus on. Stories in Russian and Uzbek languages.

the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev at the invitation of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin arrived in Moscow on a working visit.

the Main thing to visit is the ceremonial March on red square. To celebrate the anniversary of the Victory in Moscow came, including 75 officers and soldiers of the Uzbek army. But in the program of the President there is another important symbolic step.

Immediately after the Victory Parade, Shavkat Mirziyoev comes to a Large Clearing. Here in the square named Islam Karimov, the monument to the first President of Uzbekistan.

Another symbol of respect for the history of this monument in Central Moscow was set in 2016. Next to the President of Uzbekistan — the Russian delegation.

“Speaking about the current state of relations, I will simply cite the President’s words, which he just now said. We for three years, he said, has made more than 25 years before. And is characterized by all”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Ilyas Umakhanov.

Today in Russia live more than two million Uzbeks. The flag of the Republic to the Park brought the couple Dilnaz and Sergey. She’s from Tashkent, he is from Moscow. Says: so the day of the Parade, he thanked the people of the Republic for the contribution to the common Victory.

– When our Russian grandmother, great-grandmother went to Uzbekistan, the residents of Uzbekistan were sleeping on the floor, and our grandmothers, great grandmothers slept on their beds. And so there was the convergence of the RoSMAI with Uzbekistan and respect for each other. The friendship of the peoples!

during the war Uzbekistan had adopted a one and a half million evacuees, including 250 thousand children. For the anniversary of the Victory at the initiative Shavkat Mirziyoev in Tashkent opened the largest Park-Museum “the symbol of the heroism and valor of the people.” For a basis took Russian counterparts. Fifteen acres is zones on each stage of the war.

the inscription on the tank “From the people of Uzbekistan” — another symbol of national heroism. From here to the front were sent more than two thousand aircraft, millions of bombs and grenades.

Look, the people of Moscow! Uzbek — with you!

a memorial complex in Uzbekistan launched a comprehensive publication in the Russian language. In three volumes — a unique archives, frontline chronicle. Original documents and awards of the heroes. The stories of those who were defending their homeland. One in four who went to war back home in Uzbekistan has not returned.

to recreate this story raised including the Moscow military archives. They found that the front then the left half, as previously thought, and two million residents of Uzbekistan. But the past of the two countries is, of course, not only the difficult years of the great Patriotic war. Century of close cooperation and almost half a century of shared history — it is revered on both sides of the border.

After a long renovation this year preparing for the opening of the pavilion of the Republic in the Soviet era. It again will show to Muscovites cultural richness and heritage of the Uzbek people.