A lost man three days warming themselves at the fire in the cold

Kamchatka man lost for three days warming themselves at the fire in the cold.

the Incident occurred last week in Karaginski area. A local resident born in 1981 went on a snowmobile from the village of Ivashka in the village Karaga and disappeared. During the search rescuers and volunteers scoured about 500 miles, checked the ponds, hunting lodges and tribal communities, who were met on their way.

download the man managed three days later near the mouth of the river Makarovka, reported on the website of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Kamchatskiy Krai. Rescuers, he said that went astray because of bad weather. When I realized that it finally got lost, began to burn with gasoline, trying to keep warm. So he sat near the fire about three days. The air temperature dropped to minus 15-20 degrees.

Rescuers put the man on a snowmobile and taken to the nearest hospital. According to preliminary information, he’s just frostbitten hands and feet.