A major special operation in Mordovia in Saransk eliminated a gang of pimps

a Major special operation in Mordovia in Saransk eliminated a gang of pimps who, apparently, engaged in a prohibited business minor. Among the five men arrested — one woman. The group existed for several years. What rules was organized conspiratorial network of entomolog?

This time field investigators of Department on fight against organized crime in Mordovia waited a year and a half. It is so much needed to make sure the scale of the activities of a criminal gang. Probable gang member pimps forced to take an uncomfortable position, when there is irrefutable evidence.

the investigators believe that this man and his accomplices forced prostitution of defenseless women. Wealthy customers were handed business cards Golden color with a black silhouette. And those already know what it is — an opportunity to buy the love of minors. It turned out that in a criminal circle involved students. “No later than December 2018, some residents of the Republic established on the territory of Saransk organized crime group whose aim was the involvement in prostitution of girls, including minors”, — says Natalya Afanasyeva, senior assistant Director of SU IC of Russia in the Republic of Mordovia.

During a search in a cozy apartment of one of the active members of the alleged group, the investigators found the safe. Inside there were 5 thousand dollars and 70 thousand rubles. It’s cash only. Also found a Bank certificate of foreign currency purchase — we are talking about almost 60 thousand dollars. The criminal origin of the money, of course, have to check. But it is clear that trade “exclusive product” — the prostitutes who are less than 18, — for several years the gang could put together a huge capital.

Early in the morning after a confident knock on the door of commandos Regardie another possible accomplice was on the floor. In his apartment found several mobile phones — criminals change rooms, trying to get lost. As well as 25 and a half thousand roubles. Money, by the way, the girls were immediately taken. And most importantly — the weapons were found, similar to the Makarov pistol. The fact that the gang of pimps existed a strict order. For the slightest disobedience and strong armed thugs showed their power.

the archival footage — the strip club. For the possible formats of prostitution Mordovian field investigators know a lot. The club closed last year. Another large group of likely pimps forced the waitresses and dancers to give customers “something more.” Current colleagues of the owners of the underground club went even further. His criminal scheme they have thought through every detail. Each had their area of activity.

“the appearance of girls was closely monitored by one of the suspects — says Svetlana Kholodkova, head of the Department of information and public relations of the MIA for the Republic of Mordovia. — When applying for a job as an advance were given money to purchase beautiful lingerie and wearing sexy dresses. She was engaged in selection of staff — usually through personal contacts”.

All law enforcement officers detained five suspected members of a gang of pimps. Soon the police will call the primary witness is the girls themselves. Obviously, they will easily testify to those who a year and a half kept them at Bay.