A massive accident in the capital of the traffic police to ascertain whether the culprit was bad

Capital inspectors of traffic police find out circumstances of a major accident with participation of six cars. The accident occurred on Sunday evening, July 5, on Prospekt Mira. The time of the accident hit the lens of cameras. The footage shows how the Toyota Land Cruiser abruptly pulls off the highway to the right at full speed and ramming five cars. According to preliminary data, as a result of collision four persons suffered. In one of the cars was a couple with a child.

“I’m Parked with my family — wife and child. Wanted to go to the store, I felt a strong blow to the back of the machine. Got out of the car. Wife find it difficult to get out. She has a broken leg. It’s a shock, just such an instant shock. Even did not understand. Thank God the airbags worked,” says the victim, Ronald Sugar.

the Duty officer of the press service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Maxim Kolosvetov commented, noting that the driver of the car Toyota collided with two vehicles. The accident damaged six vehicles, including car alleged perpetrator. Currently being tested, investigated all the circumstances of the incident.

the Culprit — a middle-aged man. According to some, behind the wheel he became ill. Eyewitnesses called an ambulance, the driver was hospitalized. Now law enforcement authorities will investigate whether the man suffers from any condition which could cause such effects. If so, you will have to check whether he can drive vehicles, given the condition.