A matter of honour: Russia will fight for the historical truth

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

January 18, residents of St. Petersburg began to celebrate one of the most important dates in the history of the great Patriotic war. On 18 January 1943 during operation Iskra, the Soviet troops managed to break through the blockade of Leningrad. Three weeks later a railway line was built, in a weary town went to the train with food and ammunition. According to Hitler’s plan, Leningrad was to disappear from the face of the earth along with all its inhabitants. But the city survived and was revived along with the entire country.

to Honor the memory of fallen countrymen, and to welcome the heroic survivors of the siege arrived in St. Petersburg Vladimir Putin. And earlier in the letter, the President noted with satisfaction the reliability of national defense.

“First, I want to emphasize, in the entire history of the existence of nuclear missiles, including the Soviet period, and contemporary times, we would never catch up, but on the contrary, other leading countries in the world yet to create a weapon that already has Russia. Reliable security creates a basis for progressive, peaceful development of Russia, allows us to do much more to tackle the most pressing domestic issues to focus on economic and social growth of all our regions in the interests of the people, because Russia’s greatness is inseparable from a worthy life of each citizen”, — said the head of state.

As peterburzhtsy met a milestone anniversary?

Author: Salima Zarif

“We fought to the death in the dark of the Neva river, we died to live you” — these words on stone segment reflect the heroic history of the Nevsky Piglet, the tiny bridgehead on the left Bank of the Neva river , where during the battle for Leningrad killed tens of thousands of our soldiers. The bridgehead was exposed to fire through, the life of a soldier is on average lasted 52 hours, and yet the Soviet troops kept Nevsky Pyatachok a total of 400 days — it was essential to break the blockade.

At noon on 18 January 1943 the army lehningrudskoga and Volkhov fronts — the siege of Leningrad has been broken! Fifth under the account the offensive called “spark”. With the two sides of the troops of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts 7 days crushing Hitler’s defense, breaking through the defenses, sinking in the marshes, forcing the river, scrambling over her icy shore.

Vladimir Putin, the siege date is date personal, family. On Nevsky patch was wounded his father, and on the Piskarevsky cemetery is buried a brother. The tomb No. 27 Putin is always laying flowers separately.

the Dead were transported from all over the city and buried in mass graves. Antonina Solovyova — now she is already 101 years old and had just turned 23 — was one of those who performed the hard work — went from house to house in search of bodies. So one day she found her mother’s uncle.

When the ring around Leningrad closed, Galina Yakovleva was only two years old. The explosion sounded near the kindergarten, she was shell-shocked, from death was saved by the teachers. Hard to believe, but here it is, chronicle: exhausted, barely standing on her two feet even teachers arranged the children for the holidays. Here’s the tree the terrible winter of 1942. Those who cared, survived more often. And my example refuted the cold-blooded calculations of scientists of the Third Reich imminent starvation.

“I live in the positive emotions under the motto: life is given once, in a hurry to do good”, — says the believe Galina Yakovleva. Now she helps other victims of the siege, delivers products on a private van takes them to the truck to the apartment.

Nina Savelieva in 1941 when I finished school. During the siege, worked at the factory, the cemetery and the hospital. “I worked in the kitchen, so I slept on the stove there, heat was. Then we had to run to the attic and watch, do not throw on our roof the bomb because at this time you need to throw it from this roof. Rats deprived of sleep. It was very scary,” — says the woman.

About the struggle of a besieged city tells the updated exposition of the Museum of defense and blockade of Leningrad. A tiny piece of bread in an empty storefront, the diaries of children. Kolya Vasiliev is his record on the leaves of the calendar. 10 Jan 1942 loses the card, his father died. April 3 — the death of his mother. “I was alone,” writes Kohl. Scene shop: pleading eyes of a child near the counter. Blockade life: the stove, the boots, the black circle radiomarelli.

Shells, machine-gun tape, sapper shovel, and even the ground for the renewed exhibition of the Museum of defense and blockade of Leningrad brought from Nevsky Piglet and other places of fierce fighting for the city. But in this showcase of piercing I dare not say the exhibits. This toy, raised from the bottom of lake Ladoga, from the ship that evacuated children and died with them.

Here at the Museum, the President declares: in the year of the anniversary of the Victory the state will transfer to the war veterans a lump sum of 75 thousand roubles, and workers — 50 thousand.

“In Leningrad during the war a hundred times every day there died more people than in peacetime. We should remember that heroism which had characterized the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad. Siege of Leningrad — 125 grams of bread. I for myself was surprised to find, during the siege, the inhabitants of the city surrendered 144 tons of blood to bring these relevant package to the front, for the front they took blood, it took 150 railroad cars. Can you imagine, just an incredible feat of city residents, civilians, while they themselves were dying of hunger. It’s just incredible, it is impossible to ignore, and we must keep this memory just forever,” he said.

For Russia, this is a matter of honor. To preserve the memory of the war, a Center of archival documents, film and photographs. It will be the best answer to those who try to alter history.

“it seems that people either can’t read, or IPRAMB not know if eyes they have, and most likely, this is based on the current political situation, in order to achieve some political goals korkovyh at the time when these resolutions are adopted, without any regard for what was happening in the world. To counter this, you can only the truth,” — said the President.

Putin speaks about the European Parliament resolution, which the Soviet Union along with Nazi Germany is accused of unleashing the Second world war. But in the end MEPs shame not Russia, and themselves.

“I spoke recently with a Message. There’s a large part was devoted to supporting families with children. Amazing. I could never even imagine. It turns out that there are those, and are now distributing the opinion that it is not necessary to state in this volume to support families with children. It’s surprisingly simple, but it is. You just do not forbid them to speak, and need to show what they are, what kind of people, what sort of moral monsters really are. The same applies to the topic we are discussing — the truth about the war”, — said Vladimir Putin.

continuing the theme of the Message rear Admiral Anatoly Klimov proposes to amend the Constitution in terms of powers of the President. “We, the older generation, would like to see in this article, the duration of employment for the country’s President was not limited to a specific time, and the people then decided to extend the work of the President or to release him, thanking for done,” he said.

“Thank you very much. It is very nice, because it sounds like the appreciation of my work. Remember that in the early 2000s and in the military, and pensioners are not paid salaries and pensions for months, or even six months, companies for six months wages were not paid. Our economy has grown almost doubled, and incomes have grown significantly, we have huge plans for the development of national PRoctav, to achieve national development goals.

as for the duration of stay of the head of state in power, I understand what you are saying. This is due to many of our people with concern for the stability of society, for the state stability and external stability. I understand. However, very disturbingly, in my opinion, would be to return to the situation in the mid 80-ies, when the heads of state one by one until the end of his days remained in power, went from this power, while it does not provide the necessary conditions for transformation of this power. I think that it is better for such a situation, as it was in the mid-80s, not to return,” — said the head of state.

Putin presents a medal in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. They will receive all of the veterans, but the first prize will be awarded to Leningrad. To survive in a besieged city to defend it has allowed the realization of a higher righteousness.

Yuri Kulagin war took the most important person — dad. The death notice came at the beginning of the war. 900 days he spent in the besieged city.

“the First time we went down into the bomb shelters. When the siren began to howl. Then the mother said: Oh well, we will not fall. We climbed the doors where the main wall is thick. Our family has never been pessimistic moods, we always believed in victory,” — said Kulagin.

From the breakthrough to a full lifting of the blockade of Leningrad — more than a year. There is still the attacks of the enemy, the hardest battles, new victims. But this time, hope gives way to already confidence in her.

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