A military expert has warned the United States and gave advice to Russia

the refusal of the US the Russian rocket engines RD-180 in connection with the establishment of its own analog BE-4 may be a hasty decision, related to political considerations, but the situation may end in failure. This was stated by a military expert from the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev.

nevertheless, the expert called the move of the Americans inevitable. “We were prepared for this situation, given the policy, which is now trump. And his position — as in all industries to abandon the products supplied from other countries: China, Russia, Europe,” explained Evseev in an interview with the newspaper “Evening Moscow”.

He praised the potential of the engine Be-4, but drew attention to the issue of the security of the power plant. Although it is noted that it is important fact the United States can close your eyes “for political reasons”.

in addition, Evseev noted that, despite all statements to speak about full independence of American rocketry from Russia is impossible.

the Expert urged Russia to monitor the quality of their launches to reduce accidents. This, according to him, will attract orders not only from US but also other countries. He also urged not to ignore any provocations. “If the Americans have conceived such a plan, we have no way to influence their decision,” warned the expert.

Earlier, Senator Vladimir Jabbarov expressed the conviction that the establishment of a U.S. rocket engine similar to Russia’s RD-180, will not lead to special losses of the Russian budget.