A mother explained why I killed my younger sons

Large inhabitant of Kudymkar told why he killed his two youngest children. 32-year-old woman said that she wanted to cast out of a two year old and five year old kids devils. The tragedy happened when on the morning of 23 January, the woman’s husband went to work, and incidentally took the older 8-year-old child to school, and the second in daycare.

the Remaining two children, the woman strangled the child, and then tried to commit suicide, according to Ura.Ru. The mother infanticide was hospitalized. She will be charged with murder under part 2 of article 105 of the Russian Criminal code.

the Mother of a large family, worked, and engaged in the education of children. The father of the family works in the management of municipal heating systems. In the bodies of social protection of the family was not involved. The Ministry of social development in Perm region family, where they were killed two children, was described as prosperous. Social workers added that the alcohol in the family did not use, suggesting that mothers of children having mental problems.