A NASA satellite has discovered a

Transit NASA satellite has discovered a planet the size of Land that is potentially suitable for life. This is a first for this telescope is the discovery of such a plan.

the head of the astrophysics division NASA Paul Hertz said that the TESS Observatory was launched to search for earth-like planets orbiting nearby stars. The discovery was made during the observation of a small star in the constellation Gold Fish. Planet was named TOI 700 d is one of the key achievements for apparatus TESS and Observatory Spitzer, according to the NASA website.

the Discovery is similar to other earth-like worlds discovered in recent years. For eleven months of observations, astronomers have not detected on the surface of the planet in a single flash. This is typical of other stars that have found similar worlds. This figure significantly increases the probability of the existence of life on TOI 700 d.

Discovered a planet 20 percent larger than Earth, from which she removed at 100 light-years. TOI 700 d revolves around a red dwarf TOI 700, she was receiving 86 percent of the energy is the same as the Sun gives the Earth.

Scientists suggest that the climate and conditions of the planet are more similar to early Mars than with Earth. In NASA noted that the main obstacle to the existence of life on TOI 700 d may be that she always looks the same side to the star. Planetary scientists are going to continue to see the opening.

In September 2019 British scientists have discovered similar settings-to-Earth exoplanet, which is located outside the Solar system. With greater probability it may be inhabited.