A new Constitution is needed, to not be tempted to revert back

Social amendment to the Constitution, the most popular and sought after society must be enshrined in the main law of the country. No crises are unable to take away people’s social security and deprived of a livelihood.

this was stated on air of TV channel “Russia 1”, the co-chair of the working group on amendments to the Constitution taliya khabrieva.

She noted that the current Federal law on the indexation of pensions and benefits may change in the ordinary manner and depend on the capabilities of the state, determined by the success in the economy.

“to lock in the achieved level and to move on, we need to reinforce our constitutional Foundation. That is, it should be a constitutional norm,” said khabrieva.

the Legislator recalled that the minimum wage not below the subsistence level in the country was reached only in 2018.

“But there was a crisis. There will be other crises. And to not be tempted to revert back, we need a constitutional norm,” she said.

we must Not forget, khabrieva believes that all amendments, which are social in nature, it is not just the specification of the parameters of the welfare state. In 90-e years when this was written, the current Constitution did not have such opportunities. Now they appear and become relevant.

“Now we return to the Constitution of man to his concerns and needs,” she said.

the Legislator also noted the importance of the fact that all the rules outlined in the amendment appeared in the process of discussing with the citizens of Russia and are a response to the demands of society.

khabrieva Also referred to the amendment of the memory of ancestors and the belief in God that caused a lot of discussion and debate.

She explained: “This amendment does not mean that Russia ceases to be a secular state and does not negate the 1 and 2 chapters of the Constitution. It is a tsennospeppermint the content of the law. We must focus on the future. But it is impossible to strive for in the future, without expressing his attitude to the past. I must admit that faith has played a huge role in the development of Russia and mentality of our people”, — said the legislator.

she Also said that the country now has more than 30 thousand legally registered religious organizations.

“the Mention of God in the Constitution appears in the historical vein. The recognition of our ancient history is very important for future generations. We can’t run away from his past and what made us strong we are,” concluded khabrieva.

a nationwide vote on constitutional amendments scheduled for 1 July. Will actually go for seven days from 25 June to 1 July. In Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region the Russians will be able to vote online.