A new day, new tweet: trump is more and more bogged down in middle East

U.S. Democrats demand that the President trump to declassify the rationale for the assassination of General Soleimani. A letter about this opposition leader Chuck Schumer got into the press. Meanwhile in the White house do not doubt the decision. “We got a bad guy from the battlefield,” — said on CNN, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

another day, another tweet about Iran. In this mode, the Donald trump lives and works for a week. This time kapslokom the US President decided to announce that Tehran will never be nuclear weapons. However, on the evidence of the symbols to spend did not. The message was written already in the White house. On the eve of the trump family came back from Florida. At Andrews air force base were transferred to a helicopter.

rotary-wing aircraft left for Washington. The journalists were in a hurry to transfer the tapes, heard on Board the “Boeing”. Having refused even a minimum of conventions, the US President has threatened to Baghdad in the style of the blackmailer. Almost literally promised to put Iraq on the meter, if the Americans after 17 years of occupation will try to send home: “If there is some hostility if they do something that seems to us unacceptable, we introduce sanctions against Iraq, a very substantial sanctions”.

the Table that trump uttered this tirade was surrounded by six councillors, including daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. The television flashed footage of sports. Switched to American football, trump has again threatened Iranian cultural heritage: “They are allowed to kill our people. They are allowed to torture and maim our people. They are allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people. And we are not allowed to touch their cultural objects? It doesn’t work”.

How it works the world has seen, for example, in Dresden in February 1945. The U.S. air force along with the British for three days of carpet bombing then without much of military necessity was turned into ruins one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. A symbol of barbarism steel ppostradavshie Cathedral and the Frauenkirche Church.

unlike trump in his administration, still there are people who understand what that means. CNN refers to those assessments that are heard in the corridors of the White house: “Nothing unites people like a deliberate destruction of a beloved cultural objects. No matter what it is: the destruction of religious sites by the ISIL terrorists (banned in Russia) or the burning of Louvain library in world war I — history shows that when you choose the objects, giving the value of civilization, it is not only immoral but also was self-destructive”.

Immoral, of course, was the murder of General Suleimani, who arrived in Baghdad open, but still under the protection of diplomatic immunity. More surprising material WP. In edition learned that most active on removing the head of “al-Quds” insisted the Secretary of state Pompeo. But at the Pentagon ostensibly to the last fought off dangerous ideas. It looks like the head of the state Department willing to go even further.

Interview with Pompeo on TV:

– does this Mean that other Iranian leaders are now potential targets of the United States?

We will do everything necessary to ensure the safety of the American people — answers the Secretary.

– It sounds like “Yes.”

Under the leadership trump we will do what it was targeted in recent months.

It’s kind of scary, but because this week the house of representatives will vote on the resolution, which are going to trump in the direction of Iran to keep. The authors, of course, the Democrats. But trump wouldn’t be trump if there is not found the answer. To notify Congress he now is going by means of tweets.

in the meantime, beat on their own. On the US border with Canada in the state of Washington detained Americans of Iranian origin. People sit for 10-12 hours.

While trump all bogged down in the middle East, distracted the attention of Washington have used the Venezuelan government. Have Juan of Guido expired powers of the speaker, at the sitting of the National Assembly he was not allowed by the security forces. The impostor tried to take off through the fence, but it didn’t work out. While Guido dragged by the jacket, the Assembly was headed by chavit Luis Parra. It was even supported by some opposition.