A new era in relations between the US and China: details of a trade transaction

the United States and China signed the first package of documents under the trade agreements. The ceremony was held in the White house. Donald trump called the deal historic, but noted that the repeal of the duties on Chinese goods are not ready yet.

the Signing of the agreement on the first phase of a commercial transaction was preceded by a big ceremony at the highest level. Still, according to Donald trump, America was waiting for this deal for 25 years.

“Today we make a step towards China, which was not done before. We sign a historical trade agreement between the US and China just for the sake of the future. Today we will correct the mistakes of the past and ensure the economic security of American workers, farmers and families. I want to thank President XI for the interaction. We represent different countries, but we managed to build a wonderful relationship,” said Donald trump.

the President thanked by name all those involved in the preparation of agreements with China. It took almost an hour.

“It’s really a landmark agreement. And a lot of effort to its conclusion, made Jared Kushner. Where Is Jared? Where is Jared? Great job.”

the Agreement provides that China will buy American industrial goods, energy, agricultural products at $ 165 billion and 35 billion will be spent on services. This should resolve the trade imbalance. In addition, Beijing promises to strengthen protection of copyrights and easier access to its market.

Vice-President Mike Pence has proclaimed a new era in relations with China, although mutual claims did not disappear.

“We realize that between our countries the differences remain, but today began a new Chapter in trade relations between the two biggest economies in the world. I can assure Americans that the President will continue to promote America’s interests and build relationships with China and with the world. As they say, one sees the present, and heaven is the future. And today is the start of PRIVEtania for residents of the United States, China and people around the world,” he said.

At the end of the second hour of the ceremony, the word finally gave the Chinese guest. Vice-Premier Liu he read out a letter from the President of si: “the Agreement is beneficial to China and the United States and around the world. This shows that our country is able to build good relationships that will contribute to advancing global peace, stability and prosperity.”

the French President expressed hope that the new agreement will not lead to difficulties between the US and Europe. Emmanuel Makron in absentia calmed China’s Vice Premier: according to him, the document is not aimed against third countries and complies with the world trade organization.

In the US, not everyone is excited about the deal. The press writes that China has not made any special concessions, but for trump, this deal is just a spectacular move in the campaign.

“Many commentators and rivals trump said that for the US the agreement is disgusting. For example, Chuck Schumer, the leader of the democratic faction of Congress, believes that trump sold for unreliable and ephemeral Chinese promise. It is unclear whether the Chinese can fulfill the promises or not be”, — says Vyacheslav Kholodkov, the expert of the Russian Institute for strategic studies.

the Chinese themselves have long wanted to buy more American goods to support its growing economy. Beijing has proposed to increase purchases in exchange for keeping rates trump. That’s what China has achieved.

Donald trump has promised soon to visit Beijing. The White house said that the duties against China will remain at least until there is agreement on the second phase of the bargain. According to trump, he doesn’t want to deprive yourself of trump cards in the negotiations.