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A new outbreak of the virus in Beijing: hard checks and transport blockade

A new outbreak of the virus in Beijing: hard checks and transport blockade

China June 19, gave the world health organization data on the strain of coronavirus from the market in Beijing, where last week there was a new outbreak of infection. Already found and the so-called patient zero, which began a second wave of infections. In the Chinese capital have imposed an almost complete transport blockade. What scientists have found out about this new covide and what is happening in Beijing?

to Go anywhere without an electronic pass in Beijing impossible. All require to scan the code of health which will determine whether you present a threat to others, including if you traveled outside of the city in the past 14 days. The system immediately recognizes it to nil.

strict checking at the entrance to each yard, the fifty Metropolitan areas in the total perimeter. To prevent the virus again spread across the country, the capital airport reduces the number of flights. Intercity buses — parked.

This is not a complete transport blockade, as it was in Wuhan, but very like her. June 19th, Beijing suspends all intercity bus transportation until further notice, closing on entry and exit. To leave Beijing is possible only in case of extreme necessity and only with the help of the negative test, and that is not all.

“it is Forbidden to leave Beijing for those who have a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19, those who were with them in close contact who have the disease passes into an asymptomatic form, who have a fever and who had visited the market “Sinhale” as well as anyone who lives in high-risk areas”, — said the Deputy Director of the Beijing public security Bureau pan Shujun.

tests of entire neighborhoods — four hundred thousand samples per day. For a multi-million metropolis daily 20-30 infections like units, especially against the background of the U.S. and Europe, but because almost two monthsand in Beijing was not it. All the forces of epidemiologists threw at establishing the source of infection. The new patient zero, more specifically version 2.0, did not go anywhere, with patients not in contact — just went on the market.

the Source of infection was hardly frozen fish, but the carrier easily, because preserved on the surface of the virus, too, were obviously frozen, which allowed him to sail to China. It is the seafood, as it turned out, better than the others kept the plague.

“now Among the infected patients, the majority worked in the departments of seafood, then there are those who sell meat and other products. A preliminary assessment showed that low temperature and high humidity may favor survival of coronavirus”, — said the chief epidemiologist of the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases in Tsungu.

the Genome of a new strain, Chinese scientists have already decoded and sent all the data to the who the virus is from Europe. He’s older than that now raging in the old world — this means that the strain was less mutations. This is due, probably, to the fact that he was in a frozen state, and therefore could not evolve. Now from all suppliers of imported food China requires mandatory laboratory report before sending. Check the products continue in Beijing’s shops and restaurants, 80 percent purchased just now on a closed database “Sinhale”.

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