A new stage in the lifting of restrictions in the capital has opened a summer verandah and museums

In Moscow today began the next phase of lifting restrictions: opened summer terraces of cafes and restaurants, resume museums, libraries, real estate services. As Moscow returned to normal life in the new environment?

Especially early in the morning open summer terrace attracts everyone’s attention: the tables were booked for the day, to remember the moment.

We at 4 am woke up to remember that day, when I opened the veranda. Took the bikes, toured the center and came here for Breakfast.

1.5 meters between the tables, regular disinfection, reducing the number of guests, masono-glove mode to personnel and General cleaning in the kitchen. The owner of the Armenian restaurant Gayane of Berieva fulfilled all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. Tonight cook a Banquet to its first guests.

“people ask Me, and a large Armenian family — 15 people — will be able to sit? The business model will change. It is manual control. So it was during a pandemic, it would be now,” says Gayaneh Belova, the owner of the restaurant.

Today is also partially open museums of Moscow, but without a mass of activities and excursions. The only exception is the Museum of Victory, where the exhibits are located outdoors. From 17 June will start to receive visitors of the State Museum named after Pushkin, and June 23 — the state Darwin Museum.

events can now be spectators, but on the condition that the stands will be filled for no more than 10%. Open libraries, real estate offices, advertising agencies and rental services. Fully start working the dental clinic.

Relief measures introduced due to the decrease in the number of cases COVID-19 — the number being treated in hospitals dropped this week by 13%. But doctors still highly recommend comply with all security measures.

Text: “Vesti-Moscow”