A nightmare of the Royal family: Prince Andrew wanted for questioning on charges of pedophilia

Trump, but younger, we had to “sweep out a” Twitter — a photo from the wedding of Chelsea Clinton Eric trump was removed immediately after the press published the news about the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. About it for a few hours all were in favor — from the Prime Minister of Britain Johnson to the American “celebrities”. Silent only Prince Andrew, the testimony against whom Maxwell is ready to give in the near future.

the Royal family is shocked by the news from the States, where he is wanted for questioning middle son of Elizabeth II Prince Andrew in the case of pedophilia. In new York, arrested his longtime friend Ghislaine Maxwell. She is accused of sexual exploitation of minors. Maxwell was a close friend pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. This multimillionaire according to the official version in August 2019 committed suicide in an American prison. According to investigators, Maxwell picked for girls under the age of 18 years. They provided sexual services to him and his friends, among whom was Prince Andrew.

One of the victims, Virginia Giffre, claims that she was engaged in intimate relations with Prince Andrew when she was 17 years old. The Prince categorically denies these accusations. Here is the answer Andrew to a reporter’s question:

One of the victims of Epstein filed charges against you. It is very described that night said you were dancing and was sweating very much.

I Have unusual physical feature — I don’t sweat. More specifically, at the time I didn’t sweat.

After that BBC interview, the British press was filled with photos of the Prince with wet armpits. The rest of his excuses seemed lame.

because of the scandal, Andrew suspended from his Royal duties. The FBI still considers him as a witness, but this status may change. A lot depends on what to tell investigators arrested Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of British mediamanthe Robert Maxwell. It is believed that she brought Epstein in the highest light, introducing him to many influential people, such as US President bill Clinton and the same Prince Andrew.

“Given the charges that she’s facing at least in one case, she faces a minimum of ten years in prison,” said lawyer David Weinstein.

it is possible that Maxwell decides to accept a plea deal and tell all he knows, including visits Andrew. Still, the Prince showed a willingness to answer all the questions of investigators, but in the US claim that in fact it is not. Here is what the lawyer of the injured party in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, brad Edwards.

— for a long time we ask him to come and provide all the information that he has. I think that personally invited him at least three times to tell us what he knows, but Prince Andrew just refuses.

“When, finally, he will tell what he knows? Prince Andrew his silence brings more suffering to the women victims in this story. Will he testify or not? More excuses, more delays. It’s unfair,” said attorney Gloria Allred.

Familiar with the case lawyers say that lawyers for the Prince was trying to negotiate for him immunity in exchange for testimony, but to obtain such assurances from the American authorities, they allegedly failed. Officially, the representatives of the son of the Queen claims that Andrew was three times offered his help in the investigation, but the response from the Ministry of justice he never received.