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A police officer in a coma, shot in the intensive care unit: why Galaev attacked employees of traffic police

A police officer in a coma, shot in the intensive care unit: why Galaev attacked employees of traffic police

Inspectors of traffic police Sergey Krylov and Alexey Poyarkov will be submitted to the awards. On the eve of the Leninsky Prospekt, despite the serious injuries, they were able to disarm and detain the assailant. Now both inspectors are in the hospital. Are fighting for their lives doctors. Criminal Ratmir Galaev, shot at police, cannot yet testify — he’s also hospitalized. According to investigators, the crime he was prepared — in the extremist literature and a personal diary. What is known about the assailant and his motives?

Just above the front side of the glass, a dent from a bullet. On the back — drop of blood. We are talking about the official car, which went on duty affected the inspectors. Close of this evidence. But, judging by the damage, it can be concluded that the assailant opened fire on the police from the starboard side.

the Attacker opened fire from a traumatic gun as soon as went to work on the car. At that moment captain Sergey Krylov and senior Lieutenant Alexei Poyarkov has made an administrative Protocol on the driver. Despite the injuries, the police opened the criminal returned fire and were able to detain him. Colleagues of the victims inspectors say that instantly went on Leninsky Prospekt on alert.

More than 20 years of service in the bodies for each of the third separate battalion of traffic police on the wings and Pojarkovo speak as an experienced and responsible employees.

— was certainly a shock. We understand that every this can happen. Worried about their health. Well done guys! Despite being wounded, continued to hold this bandit.

Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev intends to introduce the inspectors to the award.

“Sergey Krylov and Alexey Poyarkov, facing a mortal danger, dayin addition to competently and confidently, which helped to avoid serious consequences and to save the lives of surrounding citizens,” — said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina the Wolf.

One of the officers is still in critical condition. The second was on the mend. Deputy chief physician of GKB No. 1 named after N. I. Pirogov Mikhail Tsarev said:

— the Patient was examined. Performed surgical intervention. Currently his condition is stable, he’s awake and transferred to the neurosurgical Department.

the attack on the police made a 25-year-old Ratmir gala. Apparently, the suspect was carefully prepared for the crime. The night before in one of the apartments of the house number six on the Novatorov street in Moscow were searched. There friends came to the gala. See how two of his acquaintances in turn searched and put in a patrol car. In a criminal case they are still held as a witness.

“Persons in the apartment, explained the investigation that had previously been familiar with the man, but lately he’s been acting in isolation,” — said the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow Julia Ivanova.

One of the tenants told our crew that law enforcement officers were interested in personal belongings Galaev, his circle of communication and data from electronic media.

the photographs of the diary, which investigators found in the bag of galaeva, visible notebook bound with a strange pattern. On the pages of the text written with colored ink. Gala turns to God, asking for a quick death and power in a fight.

recently, according to media reports, relatives of noted his inadequate mental reactions. Interrogate the suspect to find out the motives of the attack, it is impossible — gala in intensive care.