A powerful explosion occurred at a gas station in Chelyabinsk

At least one person was injured during the fire and subsequent massive explosion at gas filling stations in the Chelyabinsk Satka. Eyewitnesses took video of towering into the sky fireball.

the incident occurred, according to preliminary data, at about 20:30 local time (18:30 Moscow time) on December 30 at the corner of Ordzhonikidze and 100-th anniversary of Kombinat Magnezit. According to one version, at the gas station tore off the hose on the other, the failure occurred during fueling of the cylinder. Whatever it was, the flame quickly engulfed the pavilion, and after the explosion spread to the adjacent car wash.

“hit man, he is now in intensive care. There wave the dog blew straight from the box. Nothing remained”, — told the “First regional” witness.

After a strong cotton in some streets of the city lost electricity. Currently, the fire completely extinguished.