Appeal issued a Protocol for violation of the exclusion intends ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. According to police, she threw the car at the checkpoint have closed on quarantine Diveevo and went through the woods to the monastery, where pilgrims are temporarily not allowed. A video chat with the police on the Internet has caused a broad discussion. About the motives of the trip itself, the ballerina told exclusive TV channel “Russia 1”.

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the Country Russia! Note: a prima ballerina of all Russia!

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Theatre, hosted by Anastasia Volochkova in a closed quarantine Diveevo, posted one of those who was present at registration of offenses of a ballerina.

— Your name I will resolve this process because you are not men! You muzzled your will walk for the rest of my life!

Anastasia Volochkova filed of article 20.6.1 and 6.3 of the code of administrative offences for violating quarantine restrictions: visited Seraphimo-Diveevsky monastery, beating the checkpoint and made their way to the village.

“They driver pulled up to the point of entry control, denied them entrance to the village, so they left the car far away from point of entry control. With the help of friends and villagers they passed the foot by”, — said the head of the local government Diveevo municipal region Sergei Kuchin.

the Local administration claims that talking with Volochkova correctly as possible.

I’m a representative of the local administration. You came to visit us — respect us.

Listen to me, friend of my heart! You will respect me. My children and the people in your churches… They loved me here, took pictures with me! Who are you anyway? Yes, you schmuck last!

Anastasia explained to the TV channel “Russia 1” the reasons for his behavior:

— I dmust say that no case of coronavirus was not among the people who came to the village. Generally in Holy places cannot be infected.

“In Diveevo per capita infected is 1.6 times more than in Moscow. Quarantine is a measure that helps to reverse the trend. I would also like to note that fame is not a privilege and permissiveness, it is primarily the responsibility of those who can you be. And only someone who has that kind of responsibility gets the moral right to speak about conscience,” commented the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region Gleb Nikitin.

the villagers are not allowed to go on the services in this temporarily restricted pilgrims. Anastasia disagree.

Quarantine in the village and the monastery entered on April 25 after the monastery revealed the flash — 76 infected with the coronavirus. According to unofficial data, in the monastery died five sisters. To avoid further infection helped quarantine measures, according to local authorities. The village of Diveevo remains closed.