A Professor from Oxford: minorities will not compromise

the Problem of riots in the US and in England – it’s not a question of the struggle for human rights, and the struggle for identity and money, said the TV channel “Russia 1” PhD Maxim Shashenkov (University of Oxford).

“the Minority will not compromise, will not be integrated, they need to change the identity of Western societies. From the point of view of history, is an enormous challenge, a challenge to the West and all humanity,” — said the analyst.

According to him, worked out a rule of a boomerang: the war which the West has unleashed for its value now come to the Western society.

Maxim Shashenkov noted that the situation in the UK differs from the us. “In the United States, where there was real racism, fighting blacks, but in England we are talking about migrants from former colonies”.

people of Color makes white material expense. “We don’t want just equal rights,” they say, ” we need a countervailing economy. You have exploited, and now you must pay us for it.”

Following the U.S. riots swept the capital of the UK. In London held a protest against racial discrimination. Demonstrators daubed paint over a monument to Churchill, installed in Parliament square in the city centre. In addition, the activists attacked the monument to Mahatma Gandhi.

Commenting on the desecration of monuments, Maxim Shashenkov said that “we should not judge the great men of the XIX and the XX century contemporary criteria.”

During the riots in London, which took place on June 13, injured 23 police officers, more than 100 people were detained. Protests staged by football fans and supporters of right-wing political views, who thus decided to support the movement for the rights of chernokoia Black Lives Matter.