A repeat offender from Arkhangelsk stabbed a bus driver for refusing to skip it

Impatient arhangelogorodets stabbed ambulance driver who refused to give way when leaving the yard, said the official representative of the Ministry Irina Wolf. The conflict hit the camera lens Registrar.

the Incident occurred at about 21:30 on 4 January on the Avenue of the Soviet Cosmonauts. Arrived on the call state car blocked one of the two exits from the courtyard, while the doctors examined the patient. The owner of Lexus this situation did not suit — 44-year-old man demanded to release him the way.

“I’m all four wheels will pierce!” — he threatened the ambulance driver who refused to move off to the side.

he did not touch it, but opened the door and plunged a knife into the hand of a recalcitrant opponent, and then returned behind the wheel and drove away. However far away he failed — after 40 minutes the malefactor was detained. The attackers were earlier repeatedly judged inhabitant of the capital of Pomerania. He faces up to two years of imprisonment under article “Beating”.