A resident of Arkhangelsk region found in the garden the tip of the spear of the Neolithic

a resident of the village of Ust ‘ -pocha Andrew Anika found an ancient artifact in his own garden — a fragment of the weapons of ancient man. The detected object is tipped dart or small spear.

Archaeologist, Deputy Director for scientific activities of the Solovetsky Museum-reserve, Alexander Martynov suggested that the find belongs to the Neolithic period — 4-3 thousand years BC.

Andrey Anikeev has explained how to him the plot could get the artifact. According to him, it happened in the early 1990-ies, when the village was dismantled standing by the lake farm. The earth from there were brought to the gardens, so it could be the tip, reported on the website of the Kenozersky national Park.

currently, the boon transferred to the Fund reserve. Main Keeper of Museum funds of the national Park Antsiferova Anna thanked Andrew Anikeeva because he has retained a rare item and gave it to them. According to him, the tip will take a worthy place in the collection of the Kenozersky national Park.