A resident of Moscow, died while trying to hang a portrait of Stalin

the 64-year-old resident of Moscow wanted to dignify his entrance with portrait of Joseph Stalin. For this the pensioner has paid with his life.

the Tragic incident occurred in a house at Borisov passage in Moscow. A man carrying a portrait of Stalin, a ladder, a hammer and a nail. Retired almost completed his plan. In that moment, when he began to hang the portrait on a nail, accidentally stumbled, lost his balance and fell from the ladder. As a result, the Muscovite received a serious head injury and was in the hospital.

the Doctors fought for the life of the victim a few weeks. Unfortunately, to rescue the pensioner failed. The cause of his death was opened cherepno-a brain trauma and hemorrhage, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

the circumstances of the incident before dying, the man managed to tell his sister.