A resident of St. Petersburg apartments with ceiling rained maggots: two years on her rotting corpse

the Inhabitants of one of houses in St. Petersburg for two years lived next to the apartment, which was a decomposed corpse. At the time when the body was discovered by police, it has already turned into a skeleton.

the incident was reported by “Fontanka”. In one of the houses in Nevsky district police visited the apartment, which was found on the balcony skeletal corpse. He was dressed in sweat pants and black sneakers. Experts found the body of traces of violent death.

In one of the groups in social network “Vkontakte”, dedicated to the accident and emergency in Saint-Petersburg, it is reported that the inhabitant of the house where the incident occurred, in the fall of 2017 found under the hinged ceiling on the balcony of worms. Maggots crawl throughout the apartment. The woman went to the neighbor, but he did not let her and said it all very well and no worms. In the housing Department, in turn, the woman was advised to restore order in the apartment and seal the ceiling. The police did not cause, as no unpleasant odor was observed, and the worms don’t bother law enforcement. The woman was shocked when she learned that the neighbor’s balcony on Tuesday, January 7, found the body.

the circumstances of the death of a man whose body was found in the apartment are not specified. It is also not known why the tenant concealed the corpse on the balcony.