A rooster with a blade attacked his master and struck him a mortal wound

Cock fighting, banned in India, caused the death of a local resident. 50-year-old man died following the assault of the cock.

the Tragic incident occurred on 15 January, CNN reports. Saripalli Caravansitesfrance RAO regularly took part in cockfights. In the fateful day the man again went on violent entertainment. On the way to the fighting cock tried to escape, but whether by accident, or specially wounded the owner in the neck attached to the claw blade. A police spokesman said that the victim, being the father of three children, was taken to hospital, where he later died.

cockfighting banned in India since 1960. They are held on this day, while the local authorities turn a blind eye similar. Cock fighting is practiced as a way of entertainment and earnings as they place their bets.

Boytsov cocks to the paws tied sharp spur, after which birds bring to the arena. Birds fight until one of them dies.