A significant contribution to the fight against COVID-19 in Russia has made military doctors

the Russian healthcare system has proved that it is able to respond quickly to difficult challenges, and the rapid reaction mechanism to keep. This was said by Vladimir Putin at a meeting with defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. The Minister said that put five multifunctional hospitals in Voronezh, the three cities of Dagestan and Penza. But two new hospital — ultrasound, CT scanners, and modern laboratories will be built in Pskov and Velikiye Luki by mid-September.

More recently, there was a clean field, and now the newest hospitals in Voronezh, Penza and Dagestan. And 16 more medical centers across the country to work and save patients. Built by the military. Treat all the inhabitants of the regions.

“Done everything necessary to quickly increase the capacity of specialized beds in the regions where the situation was most difficult. Let me remind you that two months after the beginning of the epidemic, on may 15 started work 16 medical centers of the Ministry of defense for patients with coronavirus. They were built in an unprecedented short time and with high quality. For these were prepared more than 2 thousand highly qualified specialists. 1.5 months these medical institutions proved its relevance. They have treated more than 4.5 thousand people, carried out more than 25 thousand different studies,” — said Vladimir Putin.

strict standard for the building — must meet within 30 days. Immediately after finishing works — installation of equipment in the chamber. All of these life-saving abbreviations — AV, CT, ultrasound and MRI. Dozens of physicians are able with this technique to work — and ready the center, where it is possible to treat almost any complexity.

“In accordance with your instructions, in Voronezh, and in the cities of the Republic of Dagestan, Kaspiysk, Derbent and Khasavyurt — the Ministry of defence has built four multi-functional medical center with a total capacity of 400 beds. All centres are equipped with necessary modern medical equipment and is ready to accept its first patients. Dagestani doctors at the request of the Republican leadership have received additional training at the military medical Academy named after Kirov”, — reported Sergey Shoigu, Minister of defense of the Russian Federation.

the Decision on the construction of the very first 16 centres was made at the most critical moment of the epidemic. The middle of March, the coronavirus in the country. In Russia there is actually mobilization of physicians. Need a new bed. And then, on the orders of the Supreme commander comes to the aid of the army.

They spread across the country, as antiviral frontier — from Kaliningrad, Smolensk and Sevastopol to Ussuriisk, Khabarovsk and Kamchatka. Two dozen standard and high-tech hospital. Almost 2 thousand new hospital beds with everything you need.

“the Situation with which we are faced, showed that the domestic health care system, and in General the country is able to respond rapidly to the most difficult challenges. In a short time were concentrated the necessary resources, creation of additional specialist beds. And let me stress that the entire mechanism of rapid response to the spread of infection and assist the regions was worked out in detail. And he must always remain at the highest level of readiness”, — said the Russian President.

an Example of such a reaction is the situation in Dagestan. The Republic from the virus suffered in many regions. Army doctors at first there broke a field hospital with inflatable tents with all the necessary equipment. Now, there is hospitals. The solution to that in Dagestan need three such hospital — too presidential.

“the New medical center will cover diagnosis and quality treatment of the population in mountain areas. Thank you again for the assistance provided to the Republic in this difficult time,” thanked Kavsarat Shuaibov, acting chief doctorand the Khasavyurt Central hospital.

the head of the Republic Vladimir Vasilyev before the meeting, the President visited all three hospital. In addition they remain in Dagestan and two temporary military field — in Buynaksk and Botlikh. Doctors in uniform, struggling with a virus in Italy, and in Serbia, have taught civilian doctors.

” Sergei Shoigu, thank you for giving the opportunity to our doctors to learn. Now they themselves are manifest. Vladimir Vladimirovich, we have more than 10 thousand doctors struggled with COVID-19. They are all now in varying degrees, have been trained with these assigned to us,” — said Vasilyev.

the whole Effort of the health system, and with the help of the military, the situation in Dagestan managed to reverse.

“In Dagestan, the overall efforts helped to stabilize the overall situation and today hospitalized are 10 times less people, only 900 remained, from the moment when we started large-scale work,” said Mikhail Murashko, Minister of health of the Russian Federation.

to Build a military hospital in Voronezh have asked authorities in the region. And the Governor was struck by the pace of work.

“the Work began on 26 April, was conducted round the clock, seven days a week and is made with high quality”, — said Alexander Gusev, the Governor of the Voronezh region.

Now here is 200 new beds, where to save the Voronezh residents from various diseases are even when the virus will go away completely. All construction and filling of the chambers agreed with the doctors that will be working there.

the Hospital in Penza will also serve the adjacent neighborhoods. And most importantly — create all the military centers are able to exist independently and conduct full-cycle procedures — tests of COVID-19 to complex operations.

Vladimir Putin emphasizes the entire military medicine and civil health helps and performs its direct functions.

“In recent weeks special attention was paid to the health of servicemen, who were to take part in the parade or at the parade on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. These celebrations was waiting for the whole country. And parades were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol, Vladikavkaz, Kaliningrad, and more in 23 cities of Russia. In total, they were attended by 58 thousand people. Their safety was secured,” — said the head of state.

during the fight is not over and the work of military medics and builders. Put the hospital in the past, ahead of new construction. Two more hospital in Pskov and Velikiye Luki. Their plan is to pass on 15 September.