A teenager stole three cars, returning home from a disco

In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug 16-year-old boy stole three cars trying to get home after the disco. None of them, the guy failed to reach his village, and eventually returning to him had to walk, and the next day home to him the police came.

a Resident of Pioneer village confessed to the theft. According to him, he came to a disco in a nearby village by taxi, and after the event decided to walk. Getting cold, he began to search the car, where it would be possible to go home.

“On the way he found a car VAZ-2114, the door of which was unlocked, keys were in the ignition. After riding her for about 200 meters, he drove into a ditch, – have told in UMVD Rossii po KHMAO-Yugra. – Taking the keys from the vehicle, he got behind the wheel of VAZ-2113, in which were also the keys and the doors were closed for the Central locking. In it, he tried to back off, but got stuck in the snow”.

some time Later, the boy again ran into VAZ-2114, available keys opened the trunk and through it slipped into the cabin of the car. The young man was lucky again: in the ignition were the keys. However, another hijacking attempt failed, the guy moved back in in the snow and decided to walk home.

Police opened a criminal case on illegal acquisition of a vehicle without theft (part 1 of article 166 of the criminal code). This article prescribes punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 5 years.

on 6 January it was reported on case of theft in Ulan-Ude: there’s a man who never had a driver’s license, stole a car from a friend, and a few days riding it around the city. When the car began to pursue the traffic police, it on the move jumped out of the passengers.