A terrorist attack or a technical malfunction? Experts are studying the Ukrainian version of the disaster Boeing

to Prepare proposals for the safety of Russians in the middle East and to evaluate safety and tourism in the region of the Persian and Oman gulfs instructed the Dmitry Medvedev government on Wednesday, January 8. The recommendation not to fly over Iraq and Iran a few hours ago was published in the Federal air transport Agency. Many of the world’s airlines today had to maneuver in the flight, because accurate information about what happened to the plane near Tehran, has been out all day.

“Ukrainian passenger plane crashed immediately after takeoff in Tehran,” reported the BBC. “Against the background of Iranian attacks on US bases became known about the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 in Iran,” announced the news in CNN. Directly Western journalists, at least until the crash of the Ukrainian aircraft and shelling of the us base are not binding but put in a single series of events. This alone emphasizes that the official sky over a potentially dangerous area for civil aviation was not closed.

the Flight from Kiev landed at 0:57. According to the online scoreboard airport, Khomeini, at a time when the Iranian military struck a missile attack on American bases in Iraq, that is, about two o’clock local time, no UPS, no landings were not. The planes from London, Moscow, Istanbul and Rimini was on earth either before or after the time of “H”. In turn, the flights to Frankfurt and Vienna, were detained on average for half an hour. Shortly before the flight to Kiev, closer to the morning, already scheduled off the sides of the Qatari and Turkish airlines. But with the Ukrainian “Boeing” for some reason it was delayed for an hour.

“Maybe there was a significant overload of the aircraft, or exceeding maximum takeoff weight was exceeded. Judging by the picture we saw online, the plane could not gain height. Flash, which was two seconds before the main tragedy, to bursts of light energyVA could say that the engine could be unstable”, — commented the expert in safety, the former commander of the aircraft Alexander Romanov.

the Version about the causes of the disaster are being constructed, including consideration of events in the region. Reliable data is still very little to dismiss or accept for the main one. Experts are closely studying footage from public sources.

“a Possible terrorist attack. At least this should not be deleted. There is a possibility of external influence. It could be a missile or some other means. It is not excluded, indeed, a technical fault in this situation”, — said the honored test pilot of the USSR Viktor Zabolotsky.

In this case, assumptions about the claims to the technical condition of the aircraft flatly reject in the airline.

“It’s a plane 2016 release, mid. It is obtained directly from the factory in “Boeing”, this is not exploited anywhere else. Comments for materiel was not, the test was held last January 6,” — said the technical Director of the International airlines of Ukraine Oleksandr Shafiyev.

the Area near the airport of Tehran is surrounded by mountains. This imposes certain limitations for pilots who have the necessary skills for takeoff and landing in such conditions.

Another strange detail: according to the state news Agency Mehr, Iran, the pilots of the crashed “Boeing” could not contact the control tower — supposedly the connection was broken immediately after takeoff.

Today, January 8, flying over Iran for their aircraft banned dozens of airlines: Singapore and Malaysia airlines, Finnair, United Belvia, Air France, without exception, all US airlines. Now in the sky over the Islamic Republic without any restrictions move ships only middle Eastern companies. In turn, the German Lufthansa has already said that tomorrow will resume its flights.