A terrorist attack or missile: Ukraine called the main version of crash of

In the Council of national security and defence (NSDC) of Ukraine announced the main versions of the crash in Tehran Boeing 737 of the company “Ukraine International airlines”.

According to Secretary Alexey Danilov, the liner could be shot down by anti-aircraft missiles or face the drone. In addition, does not exclude the explosion inside the aircraft in the attack, and the explosion of the engine for technical reasons. At the same time, commenting the situation to the edition “Censor.no,” Danilov pointed out that to shoot down the plane of ADMS “tor”. According to him, “information about the discovery of fragments of the Russian missiles near the crash site have already appeared on the Internet.” Ukrainian experts intend to find these fragments. Negotiations with the Iranian authorities about the visit of Ukrainian experts to the crash site are already underway, RIA Novosti reported.

the Boeing 737 crashed on January 8, after takeoff from the Tehran airport. Victims of the crash were 176 people: 167 passengers (citizens of seven countries) and 9 crew members.

a Preliminary investigation of civil aviation Organization of Iran indicate that the plane caught fire in the air. The crew tried to return to the airport, to the runway fell short. Made eyewitness footage shows how a burning ship crashes on earth, and then explodes.

meanwhile, Western intelligence services informed by the results of the preliminary investigation, ruled out the theory with a rocket. According to experts, the main version of the crash is a technical failure, as there is evidence of overheating in one of the engines.