A test of kindness: the President of Russia promised to help the volunteers

the Russian volunteers during a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 provided practical assistance to more than three million citizens. And their initiatives have helped to collect on various projects for almost two billion. These results of the work of the volunteer movement has failed Vladimir Putin. The Russian President talked with activists of the Russian shares mutual “We are together”. Initially they participated in the fight against the coronavirus, but the scope of the project expanded rapidly. And now volunteers are engaged in a variety of problems, which they today and spoke with the head of state.

with the President those for whom someone else’s misfortune does not happen, volunteers — members of the all-Russian action “We are together”. Assistance they have rendered more than three million Russians.

“In this heartfelt generosity and responsiveness, readiness to meet the challenges of the world, has always been the strength of our people. Together with doctors, nurses, employees, major industries, life support systems, with all who were in his post, you have done a lot to make the threat began to recede, — Putin addressed the volunteers. Such consolidation of society, the consolidation of power in one fist is the main decisive factor of success in the fight against a dangerous infection. In the period of the epidemic, the words “we are together” is certainly a symbol of hope for our society, for the whole country. People knew and felt that they are not alone, no they will not leave in the lurch, no matter where they lived, in large cities and small towns, rural or remote areas.”

the Volunteer movement during a pandemic, it has become common debt for thousands of people Wei country. His support of goskorporatsii, large and small businesses. Although the coronavirus is spent, the construction work of a normal life still a lot, sure the volunteers.

In Transbaikalia in a teleconference with Putin volunteers are included directly with charred edges. Burning taiga. Guys help rescuers. Time.

President recalls responsibleness and need to be protected from undue risk.

“the Question is this: you go through special training before you start work together with the staff of the Ministry?” – asked Vladimir Putin.

“Yes, Mr President, all the volunteers, who were brought directly to work in the emergency area for extinguishing fires. This certified rescuers or volunteers who have passed the special training program — responsible to the head of state, coordinator of volunteer group all-Russian student corps of rescuers in Zabaykalsky Krai Ruslan Yurchenkov. So, we directly work hire only trained volunteers with all appropriate tolerances.”

In a videoconference to Putin addresses the veteran of the great Patriotic war Zinaida root.

“I always believed in you, in you, that we will have a Parade that you will hold a Parade. And it took place. And I with pleasure watched the Parade and were happy that we have this technology, this bearing of the military. And if 75 years ago we had such power, we did not attacked” — addressed to the President a veteran of the great Patriotic war Sinala of the root.

Zinaida Antonovna, the Internet has organized a collection of money to the families of the victims of coronavirus doctors. The result: 4.5 million rubles to 143 families. Now a new concern — the construction of the rehabilitation center “Heart” for children with disabilities.

“At the moment we have near St. Petersburg in the area of Strelna in novopillya built a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities who are engaged with horses. They have not enough money to finish building”, — said the President of the veteran of the great Patriotic Zinaida root.

“I wish health and success — it appealed to Putin. — Wonder you in such a respectable age already find in ourselves the strength to others to help. With regard to this centre the “Heart” myou will help in its construction and in work organization. I do not doubt, will do.”

Amazing quality — 90 years to do something that not all young. When the inhabitant of blockade Leningrad, honored master of sports of the USSR, world record holder in acrobatics Igor Vinogradov. He is also a volunteer coach on a voluntary basis.

“we Have no sports hall, trampolining, simple, dimensions of 10 by 20 meters. School, model hall,” stated the request a veteran of the great Patriotic war, the inhabitant of blockade Leningrad, honored master of sports of the USSR Igor Vinogradov.

“the Trampoline will be, I promise you — assured him Putin and jokes. Themselves only on the trampoline don’t show them anything, don’t. Okay?”

Haji Shakhnazarov one of those for whom heroism was commonplace and everyday. A volunteer medic from Dagestan went to work for free in the red zone.

“was the peak of the spread of the virus. And I was sent to the hospital to be with the father, to care for him, to support him. At this time, beside me side by side worked and still continue to work a lot of students of the Dagestan state medical University. Some of them are volunteers. Unfortunately, the father of 23 may did not. Effort and side medical personnel, and volunteers was made to ensure that save patients ‘ lives,” — said the participant of the Russian stock mutual assistance “We are together”, a volunteer medic, Haji Shakhnazarov.

At these words a connection with Dagestan was interrupted, but the President waited to continue the conversation.

“First of all, I want to Express my condolences on the loss of your closest perhaps to you — father, — there began the President. But your personal efforts, the efforts of your colleagues was insufficient to save a person’s life. It is always a tragedy. But the fact that you do not forget to think about thosethe people who help others, is extremely important.”

the President supported the initiative of a young doctor: call the streets of Russian cities with names of those who gave their lives saving others.

Tyumen. The authors of the new social projects here were gifted children. A talented eighth grader with French roots Jean-françois Dugué together with friends during a pandemic went around the neighboring villages and gave the children interesting tasks.

“Physics, mathematics, computer science is actually very interesting science. This year my classmates are going to participate actively in the organization of the tournament of young mathematicians. And now we prepare for his tasks,” — said the eighth-grader physico-mathematical schools of the Tyumen region, volunteer Jean-Francois Dugo.

“Beautiful mathematical formula is the same delight of those who understand what it is like good music or brilliantly written picture. And this is extremely important in order to unite around this like-minded people,” he used his the Russian President.

online Vladimir Putin’s meeting with the volunteers of the campaign “We are together” pilot “Ural airlines”, the Hero of Russia Damir Yusupov appealed to the President asking him to take out all the Russians from abroad. Putin has promised to take all who wished to return.

“Please, your instruction to the relevant authorities considered the possibility of export of all Russian citizens, regardless of their territorial belonging” — appealed to the Russian President, Hero of Russia, pilot Damir Yusupov.

“the Problem was that all of our citizens who are abroad to carry, say, Moscow, it was very difficult, because all had to be placed for 14 days in quarantine — said Vladimir Putin. — Even in Moscow did not have such amount of relevant agencies, where there can be thousands of people at the same time, almost simultaneously post to 14 dher. This was the whole problem. Therefore, the government decided to take over the regions. But there are complexities, including a level of infection. But you are certainly right, we can’t its citizens abroad to write. Therefore, this work will continue, and given the fact that what is in each region specifically, decisions will be taken by it while remaining abroad to citizens. Of course, we will take everyone who wants to return Home, with observance of the relevant sanitary rules in places where they return.”

throughout Russia continue the work of dozens of staff assistance.

“Your work is extremely varied — providing assistance to the elderly, children, critically ill, international activities, — said the head of state for all volunteers. — All those areas that you do. And nothing on this list is secondary. Everything is important, everything is of great importance for our society. And the fact that there are people like you who volunteer to undertake this without any exaggeration of national tasks. This is extremely important. You know what, I think, we all love almost all love to obtain gifts. We are pleased when we say some kind words, we thank you always perceive some help and support of our loved ones or even strangers. But a hundred times nicer and more important to help others. When we do, we are in a feeling that we are getting better. I’m almost certainly sure that this is the internal spring that drives your feelings and your intentions with the internal organization of the work that you do. I sincerely thank you for everything you have done, I wish you success. And I am sure that will make you even more. Thank you very much”.

the Pandemic has tested all of us for kindness. 118 627 thousand volunteers. The MoloDyje and creative will meet at the annual forum “Tavrida”.