A thrilling detective story and a subtle drama:

From June 15 on TV channel “Russia 1” will start showing the series of drama “stormy weather.” The tape is based on real events and tells about the difficult fate of veterans of the war in Afghanistan. They returned home and continued to fight for survival in the new time.

the Film spun, as the detective: the collector Herman Nevolin robbing their own armored car. 143 million. The trail will go and the police, former friends in Afghanistan. And he lay low in the village called bad weather with millions in the basement and a pipe dream of Paradise by the ocean. And some days all of life takes off as film.

“Simple times we can not worry, we have all the time ambiguous, complicated and incomprehensible. In the 90s there was a lot that I would like to return, but in the 90s was a huge amount of what I want to get rid of forever,” — said Sergey Ursulyak, the film Director of the series “stormy weather.”

In a country that is no more, soldiers of a forgotten war by force we have to take at first, and then someone else’s. The main characters — friends and brothers in arms: Herman Nevolin in the piping performed by Alexander Yatsenko, Sergei Likholetov, brilliantly played by Alexander Gorbatov, and so unexpected Sergei Makovetsky with a silver tooth, in sweat pants and a t-shirt with Olympic bear.

the film is based on the novel of Alexey Ivanov “the Storm” is a thrilling detective story and a subtle drama, and a heartbreaking love story. Time, known in minute detail. Filigree directed by Sergei Ursulyak. Serial film to be awarded the highest film award “Golden eagle”.

“This film is designed for empathy. We really began to take care of yourself and don’t want to dive deep. But, I think that man is watching “stormy weather” at least not become worse”, — said Sergey Ursulyak, the film Director of the series “stormy weather.”

“the Storm” returns to the screens.