A veteran of the strategic missile forces, explained the device is

In 2021 will terminate the agreement between Russia and the USA on the control of intermediate-range and shorter-range, known as start-3. The newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” had a conversation with a veteran of the strategic Missile forces, member of the Presidium of the organization “Officers of Russia” Yury M. Mutiny. The military said how the “nuclear button” and possible accidental launch of missiles.

As explained Chmutin, the absence of a Treaty, withdraw nuclear weapons outside the legal field, which will increase the risk of their use. However, all countries possessing vigorous arms, multi-level security eliminates the risk of unauthorized activities. Even natural disasters are not able to violate system security.

missile officers reassured those who fear hacking system missile launch system.

“no One else has access and will not be able to pick up the key-code. This is a very complex system of codes,” said he.

equally impossible to launch missiles one officer on duty. “Rocket is a “collective” weapons,” described the situation Chmutin, the order to launch must pass a rigorous chain of performers.

“If not passed one phase to another do not jump”, — said the veteran.

Rocketeer noted that nuclear weapons are effective for operational use. The decision to launch a nuclear attack from the President of Russia in the form of the order is delivered to the commander of the strategic missile forces, and he will bring it to subordinates in automated command and control system.

“the more you will decrease the time parameters, the weapons more effectively,” explained Chatin.

In conclusion, Chmutin told about the participants of the “nuclear club” always warn each other about the training of missile launches. A nuclear war may begin accidentally, because “accidents” are eliminated in full.

“it is Important that politicians who have access to “the button”, never forgot about his huge personal responsibility”, – concluded Yuriy Chatin.