A walk in the Park, visit a cafe or the beach: how to comply with stdistance the sea

June 6, lifted the restrictions in the Krasnodar region. Quarantine mode will operate for another two weeks. But now we can walk along the promenade or in the Park, to run in the stadium or sit on the veranda at the café. Also gradually open beaches. Under the new rules they will be zoned, equipped with video cameras and detectors. How to observe social distance of the sea?

Today in Sochi removed some of the limitations associated with the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. The most awaited news is gradually opening the beaches. Today, earn your first 20 is approximately one tenth of all the beaches of Big Sochi. And we are talking about the beaches, both public and those that belong to the resorts. And resorts in Sochi opened on 1 June. Here is what Deputy Director of the tourism Department of the Sochi city administration Sergey Domurat:

“Partly medical, partly municipal beaches. We emphasized, when preparing a schedule of opening, so that in every local area, all municipal beaches have been opened in the first place so that local residents could safely swim in the sea.”

Again to take a rest first are those beaches, which tenants have fulfilled all safety requirements. From the CPS — special requests. In particular, a six — foot distance between the beds, their disinfection after every visitor. It is assumed that in the course of the week will be opened all the beaches. But, again, subject to strict compliance with safety rules. They will be checked by the monitoring group. As the work of cafes and restaurants. They have not yet fully opened, but allowed to work summer terraces with a separate entrance. Many institutions require time to prepare, the break was great. Here is what the restaurateurs.

“We have long waited for. Today was held the first meeting of the staff who were happy to see. On the summer terrace of our restaurant will be complied with all the rules that sent the CPS. Of course, we have prepared a summer menu,” — says the PR-Director of the restaurant Daria Schepkin.

“We are counting on the economic effect of deferred demand. I hope that due to the fact that our guests starved literally and figuratively, our guests will have enough enthusiasm and cash to open cities and arrival city”, — said the President of the Association of restaurateurs and hoteliers of the city of Sochi Anna Natalina.

the work of the terraces are also a number of requirements: the distance between the tables, disinfection, check the status of the health of employees several times a day. The resort offers around 200 summer terraces of cafes and restaurants. Earned and fountains — a couple of months later than usual. What people are saying.

– After so many days of sitting at home out on the street. Even the fountain was launched. Just great.

– We are all very glad that life comes to normal. Not enough tourists. Hopefully, soon the situation will be resolved and everything will continue.

For walking open squares and parks, including along the waterfront. But people there are not very many, because the restrictions only weakened, but not abolished. And to come to Sochi, you can still only on holidays, having rest in the sanatorium and information about epidokruzhenii and with a negative test for the coronavirus. Otherwise, you can hit the beach and the Observatory.