A warm December is not a problem: in Moscow create icy tale

In Sokolniki Park started the Harbin international festival of snow and ice sculptures. Their art until mid-January will exhibit the best Chinese masters. And on Poklonnaya hill are preparing for the opening of the festival “Moscow Ice”. Especially for him from Yekaterinburg and Arkhangelsk in the Russian capital brought more than 2 thousand tons of natural ice.

On the street, unusual for Dec plus, so cold we have to create artificially — freezers are working at full capacity. Warm jackets, hats and mittens sculptors create icy Wonderland.

– I make the wheel for the car “Volga”. Do stroke that it then circled the light.

this year the festival “Moscow Ice” in Victory Park was dedicated to the history of Russia from Ancient Russia to the present day. In the first hall housed the heavy epic heroes at the feast. In a large-scale sculptural composition portrayed the “Baptism of Rus”. And this is Andrei Rublev in the monastic cell, the Studio working on an icon of the Vernicle. The second hall is dedicated to the Russian Empire: the majestic Peterhof Palace completely made of ice in front of him, as in the present Peterhof sculpture “Samson tearing the lion’s mouth”.

“I thought for a long time, as we talk about all our memorable feats for once. And came up with a sculpture of Alexander Suvorov’s crossing through the Alps. This way the power of the spirit of a Russian soldier, Russian person, who never stops do not face any difficulties”, — says the author of the festival “Ice-Moscow” Alexander Kovtunets.

the Soviet epoch presented in the third hall. Here frozen stiff with ice, the communal apartment: refrigerator ZIL, old TV, the poster, the battery is dried mitten, and beside the stool heated cat.

On the street in huge tents tons of ice. Of these blocks with saws and chisels, sculptors createdDUT the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, a huge locomotive and a frigate of the Petrine era. The hallmark of the festival will be 10-meter ice Kremlin. The organizers expect that the weather will finally become winter. And while the ice keep with freezer installations. The festival opens on 28 December and will last two weeks.

And in Sokolniki, the sculpture did not survive the heat and began to rapidly melt. Dozens of figures were created by masters from the Chinese city of Harbin, which is famous for ice art.

“do I Pity that melt our sculptures? No, not a bit. We first came to Russia. Here we were so warmly welcomed that warmth melted even our ice sculpture,” says Zincone, organizer of the exhibition “the Harbin international festival of snow and ice sculptures”.

But to admire the sculptures from the ice festival visitors still had time.

– It is unusual, it is a fairy tale!

to See the work of Chinese artists will have the opportunity. In stock more than 2 tons of natural ice. Harbin sculptors will stay in Russia for a few days to create a new composition.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”