A wave of protests forced trump to sign a decree on police reform

the US President Donald trump has signed a decree aimed at reforming the police and reducing the risk of illegal actions on her part. This decision of the us leader is due to the wave of protests that gripped the state.

At the signing ceremony of the decree in the White house, trump said that the US police will act according to the highest world standards. The President drew attention to the fact that I do not agree with the assumption that the police should be deprived of funding. According to him, Americans need strong law enforcement.

Donald trump said that in recent years the police have managed to significantly reduce the level of crime in the country. The us leader said that he will not allow repetition of the riots that occurred during the protests. The US President stressed that he is ready to work with Congress on additional measures, reports “Interfax”.

trump spoke about the development of a new effective weapons, which poses no threat to life. According to him, such a device police can use during a series of operations without compromising on hold.

According to the signed decree, will be created a database that tracks cases of misconduct on the part of law enforcement officers. In addition, if the police will work in accordance with the standards for promotion can be used by Federal grants.

the Ordinance also provides practice of recruitment to the police from local communities. According to trump, the point of this is to bring the staff community.

the US President said that the document was developed after consultation with law enforcement agencies and members of the families of those who were fatally injured in the police action.