A woman came to the toilet, but I met the snake and joined her in the fight for life

going to the toilet almost turned to a resident of Thailand loss of life. About the incident told the daughter of the victim on his page on Facebook.

According to the Chuni Sitivity, the snake got stuck in the thigh of her mother when she sat down on the toilet. The woman was in shock and tried to defend himself from the attacks of the reptile. Meanwhile, the reptile firmly put her foot secretly and did not hand over positions. The woman began to scream, her cries ran daughter, taking with him a box cutter and a hammer.

the Victim he wanted to kill snake, but she had a very rough scales. As a result, the woman accidentally cut myself and got a deep wound. The grip of the reptile was so strong that secretly almost lost consciousness. A little later, the toilet ran the woman’s son, grabbed the hammer and repeatedly struck the reptile. Only the actions of the young men helped to cope with the treacherous reptile.

Your post in the social network, the girl was accompanied by a picture, which you can see the effects of a difficult battle with the reptile. Bloody and dead snake lying on the floor, next to her knife and a hammer.

the Victim was taken to the hospital where he was treated for her bites and stitches. The woman’s condition is not currently specified.

In August 2017, a huge Python came and visited one Thai family. He killed the kitten, who lived in the house, and then got under the bed 13-year-old boy. The result was caused by the team of animal rights activists who helped to get the snake.