Abandoned by his mother on the side of a three-month old girl found dead

In the Kuzbass after six days of search found a dead three-month-old girl whose mother has left behind, reported in the regional Department of the TFR.

a Terrible discovery in the morning of 30 December, made in the snow by the roadside Yashkino — Yurga — the baby’s body was in a shopping bag. Date of death should be established to experts, but, presumably, this 24 December, when the police received the message about the disappearance of 36-year-old kemerovchane and her three-month daughter.

the Woman driving the car was stopped on the way to Tomsk, but the child when it was not. Mother confusedly explained to guards that on the road the daughter choked, so much so that she considered her dead and left the body on the roadside. A place she did not remember, and this explains the protracted search, which was attended by 120 people.

Investigators and volunteers scoured about 40 kilometers of road, before they found a snow-covered trunk with the girl’s body. To shed light on the cause of death needs a forensic examination, law enforcement officers do not exclude that the girl could have been killed.