Abbot Sergius declared that he was ordained despite the crime

Abbot Sergius (Nicholas Romanov) said that he was ordained a priest, despite his crime.

He posted his video on YouTube which said that 36 years ago he “got punished by the lawful decision of the regional court” his admitted guilt and repented. While serving sentence, he built a temple in honor of St. Nicholas, which later, according to him, was consecrated by Patriarch Alexy II.

Archbishop Vincent, the then head of the Yekaterinburg diocese, had pointed out to him the necessity of taking Holy orders, but the Abbot believed that it is not worthy of such a title. Then he went to the elder Cyril Pavlov in Peredelkino, and he blessed him to be a priest. Vladyka Vikenty, according to Romanov, elevated him to the rank of Abbot.

the Abbot did not say what exactly he was serving a term, however, according to media reports, Novels, committed the murder, as a police officer.

In may, the Yekaterinburg diocese banned him from serving, and denied the right to wear the pectoral cross for a call to break the isolation and to go to the temples. Abbot said that Russians want to put in the “e-camp of Satan”, “the wicked put on the self-isolation” and deprived of “freedom and work”. He also urged not to obey the secular authorities and the Church, and cursed those who close the churches during the pandemic.

the cleric brought the administrative case, its consideration is appointed to July 7, reports RIA Novosti. Also he must be brought before the ecclesiastical court. The first meeting was held on June 15, but Abbot his hastily left, without answering pertinent questions.

in Addition, Abbot Sergius seized the convent, exposing its territory, the Cossack patrols. Thus the monk “capture” denied. According to him, the abbess Varvara and another four people “themselves left the monastery because of the passions they had not been expelled”.

Previously, he was the spiritual father of the Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Natalia Polonskaya. But now, according to her, the Abbot is not.

the Orthodox Church refers ambiguously to the ordination to the priesthood of the convicts, and especially killers. On the one hand, it is not officially encouraged, but on the other hand, is not contrary to the Canon, according to which the sincerely repentant sinner to the Lord more righteous. And that Church history knows many examples. The most famous is the Apostle Paul. Accomplice in the murder, became not just a Saint, but the chief Apostle of Christ. His name was Saul (Sha’ul), and he was a militant parisam persecuted Christians and thatcauses them in prison. He participated in the stoning of the first Martyr Stephen, however, being a minor, he is only guarding the clothes of the Saint. After the apparition to Saul on the road to Damascus the Lord, he became a zealous Christian, and after much preaching of the word of God was martyred in Rome.