Abbot Sergius did not come to the court

Abbot Sergiy (Romanov) came to a meeting of the ecclesiastical court.

head of the information Department of the Yekaterinburg diocese, father Maxim moneychanger said that “there still remains a window of opportunity for father Sergius to the Church through this process to talk to clergy, the Church courts.” As reported “Interfax”, it expressed the hope that the Abbot will come to the third meeting. It was scheduled for 3 July.

the First court session was held on June 15. Him Abbot came, but she read the text, questions not answered, and quickly left the court.

In may, father Sergius were deprived of the right to wear the pectoral cross and banned in the service for denial of the coronavirus. He called the pandemic a myth, called for disobedience to Church leaders and authorities and put a curse on those who close churches.

in Addition, Abbot Sergius seized the convent, exposing its territory, the Cossack patrols. Police conducted a check and found no violations of public order. The “capture” of the convent also denied Sergei himself and the Yekaterinburg diocese, stating that the prioress left the convent in order “to avoid unnecessary strife.”