Abnormal weather has led to the shallowing of the Moscow reservoirs

the Capital’s water bodies are rapidly becoming shallow, and some water is already almost completely gone. Experts believe that the blame for the abnormally warm winter and lack of snow. However, residents in districts other versions.

– back in the summer was swimming calmly and feet did not get.

Babaevskiy shallow pond for several months, says Maria. The water level began to decline in the fall, for the first time in 10 years due to obmelchali pond here broke Epiphany bathing. The locals are in a panic: where did the water go?

– There is an assumption (we do not claim) — here we have the subway, maybe there is underground work that has damaged the springs, the keys, and the pond ceased to be filled.

Xenia another version Babaevskiy pond dried up due to rampant pollution.

– the Springs clogged, and the water nowhere to flow, the water goes into the ground. The pond is shallow. All overgrown with silt, it was all covered with dirt.

every day the water in the pond less. The water level dropped nearly a meter and a half. Environmentalists say that the reason for the lack of precipitation. And even the keys that hit here from under the earth, do not save position.

To beat the keys harder, the pond should be cleaned, in that the locals are right. But the construction of the subway shallowing is not relevant. The main reason of weather anomalies. In addition, some of the water from Babayevsky pond went to the neighboring Golanowski pond is located below. But despite this, and the decline here of 30 centimeters.

“We honestly are very tense, because this year has fallen only 10 percent of that precipitation that normally falls out,” says Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov, first Deputy Chairman of the Central Council of all-Russian society of nature protection.

the Silting up of waterways can affect water quality — especially in rural areas. The water level in the wells and the wells decreases, and the concentration of salts and contaminants in underground sources is increasing. Save withItaly may precipitation: snow and spring rains.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”