Accident on the gas pipeline in the Samara region: a criminal case

the fact of the accident on the pipeline in the Samara region, the regional Investigative Committee opened a criminal case. It reminds GTRK “Samara”, aired on channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, on the night of July 3, a kilometer from the village of Upper Podstanovki of the Volga district during the excavation of the emergency brigade was damaged by illegal tapping into the technology pipeline. These are the preliminary data of the Prosecutor’s office.

After the accident, the villagers were quickly evacuated. This 1640 people, including 367 children. Some went to the cottages, someone took relatives. 89 people placed in temporary accommodation. Under them was equipped with a local DC and one of the district schools.

At present, experts are involved in the annealing gas in the technological wells. Then it will be possible to start recovery work. As has concluded a consequence, violations of industrial safety requirements, which are corrupted by the technological pipeline. Then there was a release of raw materials. Major damage caused by a gas plant.

After completion of the work of gas rescue service of the investigative group of the SU RF IC in the region will be made inspection of the scene, said the regional sledkom. Now there is a seizure of documents for carrying out of judicial examination, questioned the witnesses and direct participants of repairs. The criminal investigation will continue, said the Agency.

Text: GTRK “Samara”