Accident with Ephraim: the younger son of the deceased recognized as a victim

In the case of the deadly road accident with participation of the actor of Michael Efremova has another victim. This status was granted to the youngest son of the driver Sergei Zakharov, who was killed in the accident.

“In the now four victims, – has informed Agency “Interfax” lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky. – I have three and the youngest son, who is another lawyer.”

Dobrovinsky represents the interests of the lawful wife, brother and eldest son Zakharova. However, men were more civil wife, from whom was born the youngest child.

Earlier, the defender Ephraim Elman Pashayev said that the actor is ready to render any assistance to the family of the deceased – even to adopt his children and provide for them. However, relatives of the Zakharov refused any compensation.

accidents involving Ephraim occurred on the evening of 8 June. The actor behind the wheel of his jeep drove into oncoming traffic on the Garden ring and smashed into the van, Lada, driven by Zakharov. The driver of “Lada” has received serious injuries and died in hospital, Efremov was not injured. Later examination has established that at the time of the accident, the actor was drunk. In addition, his blood found traces of drugs.

At the moment, Yefremov is under house arrest. If convicted, he faces up to 12 years in prison.