Increasingly popular with retirees, combining employment and retirement allows you to obtain a supplement to your retirement pension. In an inflationary context and while basic pensions sometimes remain modest, this is a possibility which offers you the ability to return to work even though you have already finished your career with your last employer. If the pension reform has changed the conditions with the possibility of acquiring new rights, it is better to observe, more closely, the way in which they are calculated. Decryption.

While the pension reform raised the legal retirement age to 64, it also increased the insurance period to 43 years. Furthermore, the conditions of access to combined employment and retirement have also been modified for retirees whose retirement was liquidated from September 1, 2023. From now on, it is possible, for retirees returning to professional activity, to acquire new pension rights, under conditions.

It is possible for you to fully combine your retirement pensions and professional income from your new activity by meeting several conditions. Thus, you must have completed all of your professional activities and have liquidated all of the legally obligatory pension plans (basic and supplementary, in France and abroad). It is required to have reached the legal retirement age, i.e. 62 years and 3 months for the generation born from September 1, 1961 and up to 64 years depending on their generation.

To qualify for full employment-retirement combination, you must meet the conditions which allow you to benefit from a full-rate retirement pension. To do this, you must total the insurance period required for the full-rate basic pension according to your generation or have reached the age for obtaining the full-rate pension without insurance duration conditions (67 years). ).

In this case, you can resume professional activity immediately, even with your former employer. If you continue in this context, the acquisition of new rights to a basic retirement pension will be effective after the application of a waiting period of 6 months from the liquidation of the first pension.

In the event that you do not meet these conditions for full employment accumulation, you can achieve limited accumulation. Your income, pension and salary, cannot exceed 160% of the minimum wage (i.e. 2,827.07 euros gross) or your last gross working salary before your admission to retirement. It will not be possible to rework with your former employer here, except by respecting a waiting period of six months.

For the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension, the same distinction is made between full and limited employment-retirement accumulation. As Fanny Guillou-Marre, expert at Agirc-Arrco, informs Capital, “since January 1, 2023, those who are in full accumulation and working can acquire additional points for a second liquidation”. You will not have to wait six months to acquire new rights, but also be able to apply for them as soon as possible.