Accused of bribing a TSA investigator TFR released

Senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Main investigation Department of Russia Sledkoma Colonel Ruslan Miniahmetov released on Saturday after his arrest. As told RIA Novosti lawyer Konstantin Trapaidze, the procedural status of his client not.

According to the lawyer, Miniahmetova returned his ID, other documents and personal belongings.

Previously, the investigator was charged with receiving a bribe in especially large size from the accused in a criminal case. The decision to prosecute quashed by the Deputy Prosecutor General Victor grin, and head of the Investigative Committee Viktor Bastrykin appealed against it.

As said Trapaidze, a search in an office office Miniahmetova was correct. “We didn’t hide anything, did not refuse, not stated outlets,” — said the lawyer.

Miniahmetova managed to convey current Affairs colleagues, that there is no downtime in the investigation.