Accused of molesting her daughter, a man told how he caused her injuries

the Inhabitant of Bugulma, the accused in the rape of her daughter, told how he caused her injury. According to the man, he hurt a girl when you were changing her diaper.

“Put it on the sofa, partition, asked me (son – ed.) to bring a diaper and wipes and started to wipe it all. Did not notice that I was bleeding,” – said the 27-year-old Sergei Kukushkin edition of “360”.

Civil wife Kukushkin confirmed roommate accidentally touched the genitals of a child a broken ring was on his finger. She added that to hospitalize the daughter after this incident, did not.

However, the prosecutors believe that the injuries discovered at the girl, it was impossible to cause by accident.

state Duma Deputy Irina Yarovaya has submitted a request to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov. She asked the attorney General to take control of the matter Kukushkin.

“the Task of the entire law enforcement and judicial system is to protect the life and health of children and the inevitability of punishment for any crime against a child, and even more violent,” said Spring. The words of the Deputy are given on its official website.

According to her, when it is “of such a monstrous crime against the baby and nobody is responsible for this, of course, is a shock”.

“Given that today measures are being taken at the regional level, I think it is important that the Prosecutor General’s office in the framework of its competence, took the matter under control”, – said the Deputy.

Previously, the Supreme court of Tatarstan annulled the sentence made Kukushkin district court. His guilt Bugulma the judge found not proven, even though the man himself admitted that he committed the abuse of her daughter. However, according to Kukushkin, he didn’t do it for sexual gratification – “just freaked out”, took evil the daughter after a quarrel with his wife.

the Situation was commented the Commissioner for the rights of the child in the PresidioNTE RF Anna Kuznetsova. She urged law enforcement officers with the utmost rigor to approach the investigation of this case. She also asked for the guardianship to figure out, not whether the defendant committed violent acts against two other children who are brought up in the family.