Acquitted a man who admitted molesting her daughter

In Tatarstan the court acquitted 27-year-old man who admitted sexually abusing an eight month old daughter. According to the “Evening Kazan”, the Prosecutor’s office will appeal the decision.

the Inhabitant of Bugulma was released in the courtroom. Of corpus delicti in his actions, the court did not see, though the man himself said that he had quarreled with his wife and tore the evil in the child.

the Girl was hospitalized in October of last year. After examining her, doctors discovered injuries specific to sexual violence. They reported it to the police.

First, the child’s father said that he caused the daughter’s injury by accident, changing a diaper, but then confessed to the violence. However, he indicated that he abused a child for sexual gratification – “just lost it”.

In relation to men a criminal case under the article about sexual violence against minors (article 132 of the criminal code). The consequence petitioned for custody, but the suspect was sent under house arrest.

Prosecutors with the release of the men do not agree. It argued that the examination gave an unequivocal answer about what happened to the child.

“These injuries are a casual way to put is simply impossible”, – said the Deputy of Bugulma city Prosecutor Nikolay Vdovin.

it is Worth noting that in the family men apart from the injured girl brought up the two older children.